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Acai slimming patches for a healthy weight loss


Acai slimming patches represent a new formula weight loss aid, that does not involve drinking any miraculous substances or taking tablets. With these patches, anyone older than 18 can benefit of a large variety of powerful ingredients that can help them lose weight.

Control your cravings and boost your metabolism in a safe way by using Acai slimming patches. Not only are the very effective, but they come for a very low price; the regular cost of 30 slimming patches like this is $30.

In order to benefit of the advantages provided by these slimming patches, you need to apply them to an area of your body that does not present hair, that is clean, and dry. These are some of the areas of the human body where these patches can be placed: on the shoulder, inside of the wrist, on the mid abdomen, on the back and under the arch of the foot. A slim patch like this contains vitamins and antioxidants that are released during a period of 24 hours; this means that once you place a patch on an area of your body, you have to leave it there for 24 hours, to allow the vitamins and antioxidants to be absorbed by the skin. In order to get the best results, you have to leave your body to accumulate those powerful ingredients at a steady pace.

Speaking of ingredients, here are the ingredients contained by these slimming patches: garcinia cambogia, camellia sinensis, freeze dried acai berries, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and chromium polynicotinate. They work together to help your body eliminate the unwanted fat, while reducing your desire to eat and boosting your energy. These patches are easy to use, safe and discreet and you do not need prescription to use them.


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